Saturday, March 1, 2014

Not Really Pesto, Pesto

So I’m currently car-less at home in a rain storm (not sad about it at all), writing a post, breastfeeding a baby, filing my nails and catching up on True Detective and Sara Bareilles on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show. To say the least, moms can seriously multitask.

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Banana Bread and a 4-year-old

I despise waste. In all forms. Trash, food, time, energy. I abhor throwing trash in bins, food reaching any expiration date, spending time in traffic, visiting an acquaintance who can’t pull away from her own selfishness.  Lately, I  just don’t have the space.

Every visit to the grocery store with Vesper is its own little trip, its own magical, colorful, exhausting parade around Studio City market folk. And without fail,  we never leave without bananas in our basket. Or watermelon for that matter. Or popsicles. A coloring book. Shells with cheese. Honeycomb. US Weekly.

Ummm, wait I mean, kale, tofu, beans and Living Vegan. You know me!

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